EaganMatrix Platform Request

How do I request an EaganMatrix platform to be aded to support patches for Haken Audio Continnuum, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Module and Expressive E Osmose? All these use EaganMatrix patches using a proprietary .midi format.

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  • rkram53 on said:

    Ah. I see there is an option to submit to add a new platform. I did that and now waiting to see if it is approved.

  • rkram53 on said:

    Ah. Tried asking for “EaganMatrix” platform again. Noticed the .png File was too small. I hope I can change that later with a better graphic but for now will do.

  • rkram53 on said:

    Hi Pranciskus (do you see the request now?)

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