Quad Looper

4 Over Dub enabled Loopers whose pitch is control by the Expression Pedal.

The last pitch setting is held… so you can tune your loops and get some that are 25% (1/4) and others all the way up to 200% (double Speed) and anywhere in between those ranges. The Pitch control using the Expression Pedal is Slew Limited to keep it from jump around but not so much that you can’t drive your looped sounds Pitch like punching the gas or breaking when driving your car.

The 0 page is a set of guide lights and controls if you don’t want to use foot switches. If you want to use the Stomp Switches they are enabled…

Left Stomp:
Cycles the controls between the loopers 1-2-3-4 then back to 1. This includes the Expression Pedal, and the Middle Stomp (Record) and the Left Stomp (Loop Fade In / Fade Out).

Middle Stomp:
Record trigger (momentary) press and hold to record your initial loop the loop length is set based on how long you hold the Middle Stomp down… unless you hold it longer than the allotted 16 seconds. After you Release the the Middle Stomp you are in Latched Over Dub which continuously grab audio signals off the Audio Inputs and add them to the existing loop. The Loop remains at it’s current length but new sounds are loaded in like a delay with the feedback cranked to 11.

Right Stomp:
The Loops in this patch do not make any sound in their default state… You need to press the Right Stomp to Fade In the looper audio… the Blue/Green buttons indicate which loopers are Faded In (Green) or Faded Out (Blue) pressing the a Green or Blue button will reverse the current state… as will a Tap on the Right Stomp Switch.

The 0 Control Page:
4 Red Record momentary buttons on the stacked top to bottom on the far left.

4 Blue flashing indicator pixels that tell you which Looper row is currently active with the Stomp Switch and Expression Pedal controls. The row that’s flashing is the Row that’s Active.

4 Magenta Reverse Buttons these will Reverse the Playback of the Looper.

4 Aqua 1/2 Speed Pitch Dividers. Press these to get Slow.

4 White Actual Speed Buttons these override the Expression Pedal and the 1/2 Speed Pitch Dividers.

4 Green Expression Pedal intensity indicator pixels one for each Looper. These get brighter the harder you press the gas.

4 Yellow Reset Buttons one for each Looper… If you don’t like what you got press the reset… and that Looper is Reset ready Latch in some new audio.

1 Red Reset All “PANIC” Button… in the bottom right corner. Don’t Panic there’s a Button that can do it for you.

A note on the Over Dubbing Looper:
Press the Record Button or Middle Stomp and Hold it for the length of time that you want your loop to last. If you don’t want to be in Latched Over Dub after this initial Loop take has been recorded… Double Tap the Record button or Middle Stomp… This will advance you into Play Mode. If you still want to Over Dub once you’re in Play Mode then just press and hold the Record button or Middle Stomp when you want the Over Dub to tap in… and hold the Button or Stomp down until you’re for the Over Dub to end.

When using the Stomp Switch controls they are only active for the Looper layer that is indicated by the flashing Blue Light… When using the buttons you can pretty much do anything at any time.

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4 comments on “Quad Looper
  • insektgod on said:

    If you don’t have an Expression pedal then this Quad Looper may not be for you… I plan on improving it but just wanted get it out there to see if anyone else was into sculpted looping layers with lots of controls.

    It took me a bit of pondering to get the Expression Pedal CV values to Hold their last state before switching the pedal off to manipulate the next Looper’s pitch… but this was important as I enjoy phasing loops of different lengths and speeds as well as playback directions.

    The Loopers are all mono and all the Live Inputs and Loopers are being fed to a Ping Pong Delay the Loopers grab dry audio then feed the delay. There might still be enough CPU left to add a Reverb… on the FX and I-O page.

  • youshallnotbypass on said:

    silly question – but how do you get the middle stomp to record on a loop? It is stuck on scroll for me so it just scrolls to a new patch. is there a way to disable scroll?

  • bomboy on said:

    You’ll need to put the pedal into analog mode. To do this, hold the right switch and middle switch down at the same time. You’ll see the bottom right square under the screen turn aqua. That’s how you’ll know you’re in analog mode.

  • insektgod on said:

    You need to press both the Middle and Right Stomp Switches simultaneously and hold them down for 2 seconds or so. You’ll know you did it right because the the Shift button will be a different color from the other Page forward and back and the backspace button.

    Just be sure that you’re not in By-Pass Mode when you do the Press and Hold as this will put you into the patch control mode with the effect by-pass enabled. This mode is displayed as all red control buttons (as opposed to matrix buttons.)

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