Store programs for your patch.
A program can be any number of parameters.
Parameter values can be floats, symbols, or lists.

Help file included in zip.
The [programs] abstraction is dependent on the “else” library, which is bundled with PlugData.

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  • levendis on said:

    V.0.0.3 (02.JULY.2023):
    • [NEW] Overhaul of GUI.
    – More compact interface
    – Added a Program Select knob
    – Added program navigation buttons (arrow icons)
    – Colour coding for programs which contain data
    • [FIXED] All receive symbols now have local IDs. This removes conflicts between instances.
    • [REVISED] Program number now displays in base 10 integers, rather than hexadecimal.
    • [REVISED] Simplified Help file.

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