Within a patch, create a preset selection that can either be done in any order via radio buttons, or scrolled through with the stomp switch, featuring big numbers in different colours showing which preset is active.

The main workings of the patch is a set of Sample and Hold modules, one for each preset. They are triggered by the stomp switch or radio buttons, but when using the stomp switch, they only get a value if the previous preset is the selected one, as decided by a binary logic AND gate (basically just a simple multiplication).

Your preset control output value of 1.000 are the outputs of the Sample and Hold modules, which then can be attenuated by connection strength and patched up to anything directly or indirectly, combined with other things via Value modules or binary logic – basically whatever you might need a selection utility for within a patch, like swapping between effects, sounds, Sequencers, or settings within those – or absoultely anything else, CPU-permitting.

Since this was part of a demonstration, it also includes a sound module where the presets switch between the four different waveforms while playing a randomly generated quantised melody in a gently randomised tempo.

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