Prese(p)tavox is a synthesizer mode for the 201 Pocket Piano. It is an emulation of the Critter & Guitari Septavox Organ and uses the [septavox~] object, which can be found on its own here:

Prese(p)tavox uses a text based preset system, navigated with the surprise knob (K3). These presets dictate which waveform and synth mode is currently selected, as well as the functions of the tempo knob (KT) and envelope knob (K1). Global tuning is controlled by the tone knob (K2) and is not affected by mode or waveform changes. Users are encouraged to edit the presets.txt file to personalize their instrument. “Sequence” preset changes with outboard gear using MIDI CC, or embrace the chaos and turn the surprise knob!

Waveforms (Indicated by middle LED):
0. Dirty Sine (Red)
1. Sine (Yellow)
2. Electric Organ (Green)
3. Square (Cyan)
4. Sawtooth (Blue)
5. Dirty Square (Pink)
6. Computer (White)

Synth Modes/Knob Functions (Indicated by right LED):
0. Vibrato (Red, KT = Rate, K1 = Depth)
1. Slide (Yellow, KT = Glide Time, K1 = Glide Amount)
2. Two-Octave Arp (Green, KT = Rate, K1 = Envelope)
3. Swell (Cyan, KT = Attack, K1 = Decay)
4. Octave Cascade (Blue, KT = Rate, K1 = Envelope)
5. Slicer (Pink, KT = Rate, K1 = Pattern)
6. Pipe Glide (White, KT = Glide Time, K1 = Modulation)

V.1.01 Fixed typo in the README

V.1.0: Added READ ME.txt which explains presets as well as an alternate version of the patch which removes tune knob, remaps Septavox knobs 1 and 2 to Envelope and Tone knobs, and syncs preset changes to 201 master tempo. Updated Patchstorage image to instructional graphic created by Critter & Guitari (Thanks!).

V.0.4.1: Tweaked tune knob behavior to be pretty much identical to the tune knob on the OG Pocket Piano.

V.0.4 Increased tuning range from 1 to two octaves and increased knob slew to avoid stepping.

V.0.3 Removed vestigial [adc~] that was causing increased noise for some users.

V.0.2: Remapped SeptaKnobs 2 and 3 to KT and K1 so that K2 can control synth tuning, added LED indication of currently selected waveform and mode, stock presets now cycle through all 49 possible waveform/mode combinations.

V.0.1: Release!
Listing image made by Critter & Guitari

5 comments on “Prese(p)tavox
  • dseck89 on said:

    Thanks! This patch is a lot of fun

  • internetbreakup on said:

    @dseck89 Glad you’re enjoying it! :)

  • benjo on said:

    Thanks, love the sounds !
    Is there a way to sync the “Two-Octave Arp” and “Octave Cascade” to the MIDI clock received with MDI in, it seems that there is no syncing right now with those presets ?

  • internetbreakup on said:

    That’s correct; this patch uses the pure data object [septavox~] which made by Owen at Critter & Guitari. While it uses the same code as the original hardware and sounds pretty much identical to it there is currently no option for midi clock sync.

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