Power of 12

This piece was created to give me something to improvise with. This is all running at 120 bps but you can get a nice jazzy feel running at 45-60.

It has three banks of three sequencers all having the notes and gates changed randomly at different times so no changes are too disconnected
harmonically. The first bank on ch 1-3 and the third on 7-9 run on the beat, the middle bank run at times 3 which gives us the 12 beat feel. For a bit more variation each sequencers output is on or off as determined randomly except ch 4 that keeps the rhythm.
There are also three tom toms for a bit of beat.

What I like about this type of sequencing is the endless variety of 3,4,6,8 and 12 beat phrases that come out of it. Sometimes techno but sometimes a bit more mellow and Steve Reich like.

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