It’s Pong, for Organelle!
Equal parts videogame and generative chiptune synthesizer.

Main Features:
– The pong game. You can set one player, two players or cpu controlled paddles, score limits, etc.
– Handmade graphics and fonts.
– The bounces, goals, win states, etc, interact with the keys you are playing generating arpeggios and overtones.
– The synth engine it’s heavily inspired by the Zone path of C&G. (The position of the ball sets the mixing of the four wavetables)
– Ship with 30 wavetables that grabbed my attention because sounded a looked unique. (credits to NESWaves, The Zone Patch and mainly AKWF).
– Unlike Zone, you can change individually each table for each quadrant of the field.
– Attack, Release, Transpose and Portamento of the keys
– Support for damp pedal
– Stereo mode for the ball and arpeggios sounds
– Tweak speed and size of the ball, and size of the paddles. most of the graphic stuff is mapped to filters and transposers. So you see what you play and you hear what you see.
– A delay engine for the ball sfx.
– A secret beatboxy screen with pixel art cameos from C&G

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4 comments on “PONG
  • Saki Ciselas on said:

    That is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the Organelle. Dude!

  • varicela on said:

    @Saki Ciselas Thank you a lot! 🎾💕

  • bluecurio on said:

    I had to make an account just to say that THIS IS AWESOME. This is what the organelle is for. 10/10 for originality and awesomeness. The UI is great, and the stereo feature really adds a lot. Good job!

  • Elefou on said:

    Awesome patch! How do you enter the beatboxy screen?

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