Make Elektron Syntakt an awesome polysynth! Also applies to other sound modules with multiple monophonic tracks.

2 comments on “PolySyntakt
  • gattart on said:

    Thank you! Excellent and easy to adapt to my already complicated setup… Though I have to admit, that the Syntakt already sounds so good as it is, using monophonic sounds, that my idea of a massive sounding tri-phonic analogue synth, driven by my SY1000 guitar synth, is just a tiny tiny bit of an exaggeration… Might try to adapt it to a duo-phonic analogue PLUS 3 or 4 note polyphonic digital synth… MUCH more modest sounding I would imagine… right? LOL
    But honestly, with as a tri-phonic analague synth, either with the guitar synth or a MIDI keyboard, the Syntakt sounds amazing!

  • pete-midi on said:

    Many thanks for the nice feedback :) yes, I also use only a small subset of the tracks for polyphony in most cases!

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