PolyMono MIDI Router

This script distributes incoming MIDI notes over the first 4 channels (can be easily changed) to turn multiple monophonic synths into a big polysynth.

All other control messages are sent to all channels.

2 comments on “PolyMono MIDI Router
  • Tones4Christ on said:

    Thanks for all your amazing apps and hard work! And always looking out to help us! ❤️😌☝️🙏🎹🎧🐶

  • david_pelleg on said:

    With the SWAM instruments being released on iPhone This would be even cooler if it put incoming midi notes in order so if you played a triad it would send the lowest note to the bass violin/trombone, 2nd lowest note to cello/tenor sax, 3rd highest note to viola/altosax, 4th highest to violin/trumpet.

    Probably not that hard if I wasn’t a brand new user (but long time BramBos client!) :)

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