Polylogue is a polyphonic analogue synthesizer inspired by the workflows of the Korg Monologue and the Korg Volca Keys.


* Six voice polyphony with two oscillators per voice.
* Each voice is fully articulated, featuring its own envelope generator, low-frequency oscillator, filter, and amplifier.
* Five wave shapes per oscillator: Saw, triangle, square, cosine, and noise.
* Wave shaping for all four major wave shapes: Saw and triangle waves transform to shapes similar to the Korg Monologue’s fully transformed wave shapes, pulse width modulation for the square wave, and frequency modulation for the cosine wave.
* A resonant filter which self-oscillates.
* ADSR-style envelope generator which can simultaneously target the amplifier, both oscillator pitches, and the filter cutoff.
* Per-voice low-frequency oscillator with saw, triangle, square, and cosine wave shapes, which can simultaneously modulate both oscillator pitches and the filter cutoff.
* The secondary oscillator can be offset up to two octaves up and down from the primary oscillator, as well as detuned about another two-thirds of an octave up and down.
* Four channel mixer for adjusting the levels of the two oscillators, line in, and a feedback loop drive.
* Sequencing with Critter & Guitari’s Sequencer 3.
* Polyphonic portamento.

Version 1.0.7 release notes:

* Minor update, added license and readme documents to patch distribution.

For more info, please view the readme at the Source Code link on the right!

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  • Revision: 1.0.7
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9 comments on “Polylogue
  • pickmansmodel on said:

    I tried to test it on the Organelle 1, and as you suspected, it unfortunatley doesn’t work. It takes about ten seconds to even load the display, an after that every sound has a three second delay before it plays, and you can’t leave the patch anymore, so you have to restart the Organelle. A shame, was really looking forward to your patch. :)

  • fwwwn on said:


    Sorry about that! I’ll reduce the number of voices and see if it improves. Are you on the Patchstorage Discord?

  • fwwwn on said:


    I have uploaded a new version of the patch which should install a four voice version on the Organelle 1. Please let me know how this fares!

  • Eldar_Salamov on said:

    unfortunately it still doesn’t work :(

  • fwwwn on said:


    Oh no. :(

    Can you explain the issue and which Organelle you have? I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can!

    I’ve noticed that the patch does hover around the top end of acceptable CPU usage, and it does benefit from being loaded after a fresh reboot.

  • fwwwn on said:

    Hey everyone, if you have issues with this patch, please leave a comment on the C&G forum or on GitHub, since I won’t get notifications here and also can’t ping you back. Links to those above!

    Not currently planning any more features, but very willing to fix things if they are broken! From what I can tell, everything should be working fine on the Organelle M, but perhaps not while the web server or VNC is running. There might still be some issues on the Organelle 1, but I can’t fix them if people don’t tell me about them!

  • stlcody on said:

    Hey I love the patch, but on my organelle 1 I’m having trouble using the sequencer. On other patches like LFOmlog I don’t have issues, but on polylogue I can’t seem to record or playback anything. Any help would be appreciated!

  • stlcody on said:

    Hey I got some help on this on the C&G forum. If anyone else is having the same problem, it was an easy fix. Simply delete the .orig from the ableton link code

  • Tyko on said:

    Another fantastic patch, thank you very much for your work! Now I can also take away the Monologue from my list of instruments I might need.

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