So this works better than the last patch as i am attempting a polychain effect with midi hub;
I have a Controller on Midi in A

((usingHydrasynth) Subsequently mixed well with other two synths using a bell patch)[being output to mix]

I have a 4 note paraphonic synth on Midi out A

(microfreak with a string patch)[output to mix]

I have a 3 note paraphonic synth on Midi out B

(Uno Synth Pro with a string patch)[output to mix]

The “dispatcher” pipe has seven channels and then filters out each output alternating between Midi out A and Midi out B

This sounds good when the two dispatched synths have a similar patch.

Still would like to figure out how to dispatch in other ways, any ideas would be great. Heard that a Chord Dispatcher was thought about but the developer is very busy and may or may not get around to it. If anyone knows any other ways to go about getting two synths to work together, please let me know. I would like to play a few notes on one then let the other synths take over maybe with other sounds like adding in a lead. Perhaps developing pipelines with the dispatcher also with note filter , would be a way to go about it with keyboard splitting in mind. IDK not sure what I am trying to do exactly!

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  • Chuck Vicious on said:

    also, BTW if you have two microfreaks, this would work great to make it an 8 voice synth. ( just modify to work with 8 channels) I will get a second microfreak one day and make a complete patch for that and tutorial

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