A Faust collection of externals for Pure Data stuck together on the Organelle. The polyBLEPs are the work of Jacek Wieczorek.

v1.1 triples the oscillators as sounded a bit thin.

The greyhold reverb is immense.

This is Organelle M & S only as the reverb needs its own processor.

Instructions video below at the bottom (it’s pretty straightforward though!).

Another video here:

5 comments on “polyBLEP HOLE
  • zooquest on said:

    Does it work with the very first organelle?

  • donnerbono on said:

    Sorry, uses another process for the reverb which means only works on Organelle M or S as is.

  • mchest on said:

    Wow. Down the Greyhole we go, it’s big! Love it, are there other patches that use Greyhole?

  • donnerbono on said:

    No, definitely not by me, as only just compiled it from Faust example. You reminded me I was going to enable audio in so this patch could be used as an effect too so will get round to that. Could do an Orac patch too.

  • mchest on said:

    Both those options would be fantastic 👍

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