This is a 4 note subtractive synth on the Beebo software side. Rather straightforward, fun, and melodic.

Designed to be used with a polyphonic midi note source like an Arturia KeyStep.

Quick notes:

-ADSR 1 2 3 & 4 would need to be adjusted separately

-ADSR 5 is an envelope on the LPF (module is off in upload)

-Footswitch A is a tap tempo for the LFO

-Footswitch B toggles attenuverter, basically on/off for LFO by switching patch to ADSR 5 if envelope is on

-LFO affects filter frequency cut (module is off in upload)

-VCA 5 controls level fed to filter to avoid clipping.

-From filter to OUT 1 & 2, could add another VCA there…

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