Poly Parrot !

a polyphonic sine wave synth with 4 additional sawtooth waves and controllable noise and vibrato.
knob 1 – attack
knob 2 – decay
knob 3 – noise mix
knob 4 – sawtooth wave mix

When holding footswitch or AUX, vibrato settings become available:
knob 3 – vibrato speed
knob 4 – vibrato depth

Pressing aux cycles through the 4 additional sawtooth waves. These are added on top of the sine wave via knob 3.

Simple, but very versatile. Has a wide range of possible sounds and 8 note polyphony. This is my first patch made with pure data, and its made almost entirely from scratch.

Poly wanna cracker?

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4 comments on “Poly Parrot !
  1. luther_22 on said:

    UPDATE: fixed issue with enabling vibrato without a footswitch.

  2. Sherman Crawford on said:

    my Poly Parrot Patch sounds panned almost hard Right, with no way to adjust the balance… anyone else?

  3. luther_22 on said:

    UPDATE: fixed issue with panning.

  4. Tristan Heau on said:

    I love this patch. It’s sensible, and invites the player to play melodic lines and soft chords. Very rewarding.

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