Cursed Pokedex for cry mangling.
At Its core it’s a granular synthesizer with double header.

– Change speed and pitch independently of each other.
– Reverse playback, and and set In and Out markers.
– 6 voice poly (super easy to add more if you need it).
– Damp pedal drop an octave, even of the currently hold keys.
– All original 151 pokemon sprites demaked for 1 bit graphics with lots of care.
– Display pokemon name, number and type x)
– I end up going for the updated cries. There are way more unique and interesting to mangle that the GB originals. Sorry genwunners.
– The most haunted way to play Lavender Town theme to date! 👻

Note Keys – Cry
K1 – Browse through the 151 Pokemon
K2 – Playback speed
K3 – Playback start point
K4 – Playback end point
Aux – Play the cry in the original duration, speed and pitch. Blink in the poke color type.
Encoder – Browse one by one
Encoder Btn (HOLD for 2 seconds) – Exit patch
Encoder Btn (quick press) – Change between scenes

Encoder Left/ Right – Select tracks or main bar.
>> Main bar
Knob 1 – Bpm
Knob 2 – FX1 amount
Knob 3 – FX2 amount
Knob 4 – Metronome amplitude
AUX (tap) – Tap tempo
AUX (hold) – clear all tracks
>> Tracks
Knobs – change amplitude
AUX (tap) – start/stop recording
AUX (hold) – clear track.

– Now use all the screen
– Added tiny looper 0.9, mix and effects.

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