PM DelayDrifter

A phased delay effect similar to the Soma Cosmos
There are two delay lines, one for the left channel and one for the right. They have slightly different delay times.
The loops are asynchronous and the effect tends to disololve into a cloud of note related texture if allowed to. None more ambient :)

I/P 1 &2 for stereo in. O/P 1 &2 for stereo out
O/P 3 & 4 is looped back to I/P 3&4
The effect is setup as a send effect, i.e no dry signal

Footswitch A enables input to the delay line
Footswitch B enables loopback of the delayed signal
Footswitch C enables a smearing of the delayed signal using a timestretch module
The level control of the wet/dry module acts as a feedback volume control
The signal A/B control of the wet/dry module allows some cross talk between L & R channels
Modify the delay times to suit the need/song

In Use:
select footswitch A to allow a signal into ther delay loop.
Select footswitch B to allow loopback. Add notes until the loop is sufficiently complex for your needs.
Deselect footswitch A and you can overdub without adding to the loop.
Select footswitch C to begin smearing the delays and deselect it again when happy
Deselct B and the feedback signal begins to fade (6 seconds set in the slewrate module – change to taste)
Select A again and start adding new notes to the loop. Select B again and you have a new loop
Repeat until it’s time for tea :)

154 PM
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