Drum Designer Pd Patch based on a Modal bar Algorithim

Aux1 and 4 start the euclidean sequencer

Aux2 reverses the Phase

AuX3 changes the active mode

This will produce Drum sound like kicks and toms all teh way to marimba and woodblock sounds

a kind homage to the PLONK module :-)

2 comments on “PLUNK
  • Matreve on said:

    Maybe by design but this is completely cryptic.

  • tr909 on said:

    Great patch. I wish there was a way to randomize all values.

    Having not used organelle for a time, I was confused about AUX1, 2, 3, 4 – what is meant is:

    being on page 1 or 4 and pressing aux (the leftmost button) will start and stop the sequencer

    being on page 2 and pressing aux will reverse the phase

    being on page 3 and pressing aux will change the active mode

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