Plate Reverb

Plate Reverb for Organelle, based on freeverb, a high quality plate reverb from the PD sources. Knobs are Roomsize, damping, wet, dry, and aux is freeze tail.

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2 comments on “Plate Reverb
  • Eldar Baruch on said:

    I’ve edited the patch’s main.pd file – so now the Freeze can be controled by an expression pedal or a simple on-off sustain pedal + the Aux Led turns red, :)

    Useful; Hands-free!
    Enjoy! :D


  • Maz Hoot on said:


    I just discovered your patch and it’s very cool! It is like the Electro Harmonix Freeze sound retainer pedal.

    Do you thing is it possible to add the possibility of keeping freezing when releasing aux button like on the EHX freeze pedal? I want to keep the option to freeze only when aux is pressed but it should be great to add an other option (triggered by a key button?) and when it’s selected, it freeze the sound when you press aux and it stop freezing when you press again aux. Then it will be really like the EHX freeze pedal :-)

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