0.2 fixes breakpoint problem, low input and adds a spiffy breakpoints menu and the flanger effects

this is a different implementation of Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis patch with audio input.

the playing buttons select up to 12 breakpoints and
6 different reverbs

4638 PM
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4 comments on “pithoprakta
  1. Dave Majerus on said:

    So I am having a couple issues with the patch. The audio input seems to be very quiet. I am getting some signal, but very weak. Also the break points seem to be just loud pops with a bit of reverb, is that what was intended?

    On another note, you are killing it with these patches.

  2. shreeswifty on said:

    Let me re-check this one then. perhaps i did not save the damn updates on the breakpoint bangs which is exactly what this sounds like
    thanks for this!

    Stand by

  3. Tristan Heau on said:

    Thanks for the update ! Kind regards from France

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