Pink Mode

PinkMode patch as an orac module.
***this is now a .zop***

KNOB1: scrolls through the 16 steps. when on a step add any note to the slot, a long hold of any note will clear that slot. in the 2nd to last position of knob1 a live mode will start, where the playhead and the editor are synced so you can punch in notes in ‘real time. the very last position is . jam on top feature that simply allows you to play over while the sequence loops.

KNOB2: is Velocity. What the knob is set to when a note is ounched into a slot is going to be that notes velocity. so writing a velocity varied sequence is possible.

KNOB3: is Loop Length. This sets how many steps the sequence loops in. This allows for interesting poly rhythm stuff with multiple pink modes running.

KNOB4: is note length. which is increments of the tempo relative quarter note. eg 2x at 120 bpm will be 500ms

Image By Charles J Sharp – Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 1.4
  • License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
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  • Modified: 12 months ago
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