Lo-Fi Piano

Can’t get much more Lo-Fi than this.

Used the Piano48 patch as a template and sampled my piano. Used the crappiest microphone I could find and recorded it to tape.
Managed to catch the vibes I was aiming for and I think it sounds kinda cool.

Knob 1: Pitch
Knob 2: Reverb
Knob 3: Dry/Wet
Knob 4: Decay

Aux: Sequencer (Hold down to activate record, press once to stop record/play)


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19 comments on “Lo-Fi Piano
  • Bort Bort on said:

    Hey @Hank! Head to the Organelle forum where folks are discussing your query!

  • Alberto Romero on said:

    You could use the Sampler Style 49 which already is touch-sensitive.

  • Henrik on said:

    Thanks for the tip @Alberto Romero Will try it out today!

  • Sean Saman on said:

    Looking forward to this!

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    Hi there!
    I miss the posibily of connecting my midi keyboard.
    I’m really new to pure data, so can anyone give me a hint of how to implement this patch with midi?

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    Sorry, it is working actually!!!!!
    Something was wrong with my conections!!!

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    And yes Hernik, fixing the clipping noise would be marellous!!!!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Henrik on said:

    Glad you got it working @Antonio Gonzalez
    Hopefully the clipping will get fixed in the near future.

  • Henrik on said:

    Thanks! @Bort Bort Tried it and it works great!

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    how do we implement the patch with this sampler-voice?

  • Henrik on said:

    Just replace the sampler_voice.pd with the one in the link above or download the Lo-Fi Piano patch again, I have updated the file.

  • whitenoiseitself on said:

    Exactly what i expected this patch to be, i like the melancholic vibe, like you could activate some ancient steam punk artifact playing random notes. thank you again

  • jooga1972 on said:

    Fantastic patch, have just used it on a new track. Thanks for your work Henrik!

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    NOw it’s perfect!
    The simplest patches give the more complex pleasures!

  • TomIXY on said:

    This is a great patch, thank you!

  • JMage on said:

    really cool. i wonder how one would make it that holding a note down bypassed the decay setting (so i could have long notes when i held them down but otherwise short…)

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