Pianelle it’s a virtual pianola in the same vein of Synthesia.
I use it mostly for learning new meme songs.

– It plays midi files*, and show the notes in the display like a pianola
– You can change and reverse speed of playing, or totally control the position of the score.
– Zoom in and out of the score
– Ships with a couple of retro videogame songs but you can add your own.
– * I wanted to stay vanilla, so I went the route of reading text files instead of directly from midi files. More info in the README file inside the patch

Knob 1: Adjust the playback speed. in pause mode, it scroll through the song.
Knob 2: Adjust the zoom of the score
Knob 3: Adjust the volume of the organelle keys
Knob 4: Adjust the volume of the pianola notes
Aux Button: Toggle pause mode
Encoder Knob: Select song
Encoder Button: Exit patch

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