this is no longer required, instead please install
Organelle OS 4.0 (or later)



for organelle-1 only

Running this patch will update your Organelle to the Pure Data 0.49

for any issues/feedback please use the C&G forum

I do NOT regularly check comments here.

to install simply
a) copy zop file to your patches directory on your USB drive (or sdcard)

b) on Organelle ,
click on Install Pd49Update

it’ll tell you if its installed correctly.

Ive been using PD 0.49 for quite a while on the Organelle (and PD 0.48 before that), and Ive not found any compatibility issues with it for old patches.

The Organelle was shipped with PD 0.46, so there is quite a jump to PD 0.49, providing a better editing experience and also quite a few new objects.

this means future patches may will required PD 0.49 to be installed to function correctly (hint ;) )

It is likely that the next version of the OrganelleOS will ship with Pd 0.49… at that point I will take this patch down.

(I just dont know when the next Organelle OS will ship)

change log
12 Apr : fix GUI PD starting issues

1484 PM
  • State: Inactive
  • Platform:
  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 0.49.0
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Views: 3,657
  • Modified: 10 months ago
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3 comments on “PD49Update
  • Albert Ortega on said:

    So after PD 0.49 install:

    If HDMI monitor is attached,
    After StartX,
    If I start up a pure data patch by pressing the encoder
    The patch is heard but PD is not graphically visible on the “desktop”
    The OLED display is blank.

    If no HDMI cable attached Organelle runs as expected.

  • Albert_Ortega on said:

    Everything works now ! Thank you!

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