PaulStretch Harmoniser

Use Paul Stretch with 4 tuned voices to create interesting pads and drones. Set up a sample, choose a sweep rate and amount, base pitch. Then set the volume and pitch of up to four voices.

Optionally use the note keys to modulate the pitch of Voice 1.

Samples are in the ‘sample’ directory in the form ‘Audio1.wav’ so you can add your own.

To load samples:
– Hold Aux for the ‘Aux Menu’
– Select a file number using Knob 1
– Hit Aux+C# to load sample

Aux Button
The Aux button gives a 5-item menu that enables actions on the first five black keys:
C# Load File (select with knob 1)
D# n/a
F# n/a
G# Toggle ‘playing’ pitch changes with the keys on Voice 1
A# Step through depths of reverb from none to lots.

1) Main
1. Sweep Rate in Hz from 0.0001 to 100Hz
2. Sample start position %
3. Sweep amount %
4. Pitch shift

2) Volume
1. Volume of Voice 1
2. Volume of Voice 2
3. Volume of Voice 3
4. Volume of Voice 4

3) Tune
1. Pitch shift of Voice 1, semitones, -20 to +20
2. Pitch shift of Voice 2
3. Pitch shift of Voice 3
4. Pitch shift of Voice 4

4. FX
1. Distortion %
2. Lo pass filter cutoff Hz
3. Lo pass filter Q, 0 to 3
4. Hi pass filter cutoff Hz

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  • Revision: 0.1
  • License: BSD 3-clause Clear license
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2 comments on “PaulStretch Harmoniser
  • mtavictim on said:

    incredible patch! absolutely love paulstretch and super happy to have a lil physical version of it! thanks for making!

  • veloopity on said:

    Wonderful to have Paulstretch on the Organelle.
    To use this more in an immediate kind of way, like an effect, it would be great to have a sample function, like the Paulstretch VST which has a “capture” button

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