Pattern-based sequencing ‘Aquarium’

A demonstration of how you can make a structured song in AUM. It uses 3 instances of LK to launch A and B sections with the factored melodic sequencing handled by 13 instances of Atom 2 Piano Roll. End to end automation tasks use 4Pockets’ MIDIMixer. The piano is Ravenscroft but any poly instrument that recognises CC64 sustain will do. More details in the AUM session notes and the YT description. Unless you have a 12″ iPad Pro, the screen layout will not look like the video but you’ll be able to get under the bonnet and hopefully reuse some of the configuration ideas. Pre-trigger the first scene before pressing ‘play’ – then fingers crossed!

2 comments on “Pattern-based sequencing ‘Aquarium’
  • mcd on said:

    Nice work… It plays without an issues for me and that requires a lot of effort. Thanks for making the time to show me how I can use LK for more work.

  • andy-honeybone on said:

    You’re welcome @McD. I’m relieved it worked for you. Yes, there was quite a lot of work to try and make it turnkey and LK was revised as a result of some of my findings. Credit to Henrique at Imaginando for his help.

    You may have jumped here from this thread but I hope you don’t mind me putting it here for others to see

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