Patch for my turorial “How I Make Ambient Music with VCV Rack”

This is a video on how I think about making ambient music, and sort of a tutorial if you’d like to do the same. It reflects the way I view musical composition with VCV Rack. It has three parts:
1. the top row is for generating pitch information
2. the second row is for creating the instruments, or the voices
3. the third row is for mixing and mastering

This video focuses mainly on the 1st point (composition), but I quickly go over the 2nd and 3rd parts as well.

Patch tips:
1. Experiment with different modules for generating pitch information, e.g. the Turing Machine.
2. Try different scalesa and chords (on Quantum), find the one that you like most.
3. Make the melody part also generative.
4. Try various instruments for the harmony and melody. Add more instruments.
5. Experiment with different effects, such as distortion, bitcrusher, delay etc.
6. You name it!

List of modules used:
Audible / Mutable Instruments – Clouds (texture synthesizer), Plaits (macro oscillator 2)
Befaco – evenVCO
Bogaudio – Analyzer, LLFO, Pressor, S&H
cf – Label
Impromptu – Clocked, TwelveKey
MindMeld – AuxSpanderJr, BassMaster, EqMaster, MixMasterJr
ML Modules – Quantum
NYSTHI – HotTuna, PlateVerb
Valley – Plateau
VCV – Audio-8, Rec
Vult – Tangents

Enjoy and have fun! 🙂

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