Paranoia is a digital distortion/mangler effect. It works particularly well for gnarly destructive fuzz sounds or for adding glassy aliasing to your sound.

The LEVEL parameter sets the post-saturation gain. FILTER sweeps between bandpass, highpass and bypass. The CRUSH parameter sweeps between bit depths and sampling rates. MANGLE sweeps through bit-flip/mute patterns, and is interactive with CRUSH.

For those interested in the inner workings:
The FILTER parameter functions as a band pass filter between 0 and 80, as a high pass filter between 80 and 99 and when set to 100 the filter is completely bypassed.
CRUSH goes from 300Hz-30kHz 6 bit on the left side, to 300Hz-30kHz 10 bit on the right side, with 48kHz 10 bit on the far right position.

Plugin by remaincalm


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