Play one 3-voice sample on a bpm loop, and another via the keyboard.

Sample A creates pads by playing on a tempo-specific loop, using three voices of the one sample that you can tune separately, set independent volumes, playback rate, cross fade etc.

Sample B plays from the keyboard with the normal rate/pitch at middle C.

Samples are stored in the ‘samples’ folder in the format ‘Audio1.wav’ etc.

Version History
0.1 Original Version
0.3 Fix to Audio17.wav
0.4 Improvements to Aux+Black Key menu


Aux Button
The Aux button gives a 5-item menu that enables actions on the first five black keys:

C# Load File A (For the pad using the current file number set in Main)
D# Load File B (For the keys)
F# Reset Clock (Hit this to sync the pad with some external track)
G# Key Fwd/Rev (Sample B plays forward or backwards)
A# Reverb On/Off

1) Main
1. File Number selector
2. Tempo x2 bpm (i.e. the Sample A triggers at half the set bpm rate)
3. Tremolo (Depth of a fast bpm-linked tremolo effect)
4. X-Fade (Depth of a slow cross-fade effect)

2) Volume
Set the volume of the three voices of Sample A, and the volume of Sample B

3) Sample
1. Sample Start % (Sample A)
2. Sample Length % (Sample A)
3. Rate % (Playback rate of Sample A, doesn’t change the pitch)
4. Key Start % (The starting position of the Sample B loop when you press a note key)

4) Tune
Set the tuning (relative pitch) of each of the three Sample voices and the depth of a slow wow effect.

13 comments on “Pads+Keys
  • alanca on said:

    just a mention. the audio17 is written wrong, without the dot between “17” and “wav”, that’s for all the patches you’ve been uploading. greetings and thnks for the uploads :)

  • soxsa on said:

    Ah thank you! Of course I’ve just been copying the same set from one to another. On my setup, I’ve got just the one samples folder at a higher level in the structure, and all the patches share it. Just a little edit to do that. Maybe I should parcel up the three jellies as one like that.

  • soxsa on said:

    I’ve fixed Audio17.wav in all the patches – now all at v0.3

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    this seems like a great device but its very buggy…
    menus from pages invade eachother and its impossible to use it:(
    looking for the fixed. thanks

  • soxsa on said:

    Sorry to hear that Felix. I wonder if it’s the version of Organelle? I have an Organelle M. Of course it’s working fine on mine or I wouldn’t have put it up :(

    If anyone else is experiencing trouble, do let me know.

    For the pages and menus I’m using the 4-page patch template that I got from here.

  • soxsa on said:

    I just downloaded the zip from here to test it’s the right one (these things can happen), and it is, and working OK. Version of the OS maybe? Mine reports 4.0

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    organelle M os 4.
    let me try it again and check it again
    maybe Its my fault…
    I’ll be back :)

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    well- the logic of the patch is strange:
    try to operate the AUX menu inside other menues.
    it doesnt work – it gets mixed.
    maybe you can provide a “how to”
    step by step (with moves explained)?

  • soxsa on said:

    Felix. Thank you. Now I see what you mean. OK it’s not as elegant as it could be (menu management is quite complicated!) but basically it’s this:

    When you hit the Aux button (from any page) you get new menu of 5 functions that are activated when you hit one of the black keys, starting from the low C#:

    So Aux +
    C# Load File A
    D# Load File B
    F# Reset Clock
    G# Key notes play forward or reverse
    A# Reverb On/Off

    So when you press Aux, don’t twiddle the knobs! Well you can, they still operate as normal but as you say they write to the screen as they would if Aux is not down.

    How’s that? I may see if I can fix it so the knobs don’t overwrite when Aux is down, but it doesn’t actually affect the functionality.

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    a-ha!:) now it makes sense:) thank you!
    if you can simplify it – it would be great. its a smart patch.
    thank you also for latest jelly machines. delicious.

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    the confusion came from numbering the aux menu with 1,2, etc
    instead of C#, D# etc…:)
    maybe you can change that in the menu ?!

  • soxsa on said:

    Great minds think alike :) I’ve put in some logic so that when Aux is held down, twiddling the knobs doesn’t update the screen. And changed the Aux menu text to C#, D#…

    I’ve given it a quick test, of course there may be side-effects so if you could let me know of anything odd that would be helpful.

    Glad you like the jellies – as I say I’m only reworking the original, because I thought it was so good!

  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    much better now!:)
    thank you and looking fwd for your next devices!:)

    also pls check yout patchstorage messages!:)

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