Pad Layout Changer

This patch makes it simple to change the incoming MIDI notes of a 4×4 pad layout controller, to match the layout of another 4×4 pad layout (in the instance that they don’t match)

Simply set the input and output layout knobs to match your desired mapping
Then set the input and output MIDI Offset values

Layout mapping acronyms explained:
LRBT = Left Right Bottom Top
LRTB = Left Right Top Bottom
RLBT = Right Left Bottom Top
RLTB = Right Left Top Bottom

Coded by @ADG

2 comments on “Pad Layout Changer
  • markdlux on said:

    Hey ADG! Any idea on why Drambo doesn’t save the settings with the project, while it does with a new patch? Other than that it works perfectly :)

  • funksmaname on said:

    I’m embarrassed to say I never used this till now… it’s really handy!

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