Overlapping Note Transposer


▫️ For each pitch control not set to “–“, an additional note will be added to incoming notes at the number of semitones above or below the note. You can choose a root note and scale to quantize the transposed notes to. The original played note will not be quantized. The default is No Scale.
▫️ The velocity of the generated notes can be set using the control below each. If set to “Vel. Thru”, the origional note velocity will be used.
▫️ By default controls can be set by CC 20-29. Press SHIFT to toggle the settings mode.
▫️ To help prevent stuck notes, the script will pause processing notes while controls are turned, and will kill any playing notes. This may cause a noticeable interruption if there are a lot of notes, or long notes, playing at the time, but is better than leaving stuck notes hanging. 😬

Script idea provided by @annahahn of the Audiobus Forum. 👏

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  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.1
    ▫️ Adds velocity control over each overlapped note.
    ▫️ Each knob can now be changed via MIDI CC.
    ▫️ Stuck note prevention is now more efficient.

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