OTC (Mother) – ETC for Organelle

Important notes:

– requires OS 3.0, copy install file (zop) to patches directory to install
– before using this application, you must run the installer, found here:


– this application is NOT supported by C&G

you will also need to install ETC modes on your usbstick in /usbdrive/Modes

these can be found on the C&G web site.

more information on installing/using can be found here:
if you have any questions, or difficulties please there… not here.

1.1 – OLED display on Organelle, log file created
1.2 – improved performance, improved colours, keys act as midi
1.3 – new installer
1.4 – new zop installation OS3.0
1.5 – fix some ‘startup’ issues, support for stereo input

3 comments on “OTC (Mother) – ETC for Organelle
  • Zach Sherman on said:

    Would this work on a raspberry pi or is the port organelle-specific

  • thetechnobear on said:

    for OTC mother to work , you need to have a number of python packages installed.
    these are installed by the OTC installer patch (here on PS) , that patch however is specific to the Organelle (/arch linux) but you could use as a starting point.

    this patch (OTC mother) should work on a rPI (assuming you fullfil the installer pre-requisites) and assuming you setup the filesystem correctly… or alter the paths in the python code.

    also your going to need to consider how to control it, given you have no lcd screen/pots… it does support midi control so that’s an option (see etc manual for details)

    short answer , is yes it can be made to work but you’ll need to hack it a bit.

    sorry, I do not have the time to help in this endeavour, since everyones rPI setup is different, so its a bit of a DIY job, to suit your own requirements.
    (unlike an Organelle where every users is the same )

  • Zach Sherman on said:

    Thanks yeah I have no coding background-been learning pd just to make an rpi organelle clone (I have external midi knobs and keys), and figured if it’s all midi controlled it couldn’t be too hard to move it over. I would have no idea where to start on setting up rpi to install organelle software though

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