[v1.2] Fixed some faulty routings and added in-patch Description

Patch accepts MIDI Note, CC & Pressure information from MIDI Controller with a Keyboard, manipulates it and forwards it to the Elektron Octatrack, making it a polyphonic, playable instrument.
With it you can:
– Play 2 octaves of octatrack samples melodically

– Control OT sound parameters via knobs on your controller on all polyphonic channels

– Reroute incoming velocity to affect, Not one, but TWO sound parameters with individual attenuation and inversion to Mod depth, accessible via MIDI CC)

– Mod Wheel and Pressure to Control any sound parameter,with attenuation and inversion to Mod depth, accessible via MIDI CC)
OT stuff:
— MIDI channels 1-8
— Set same track and sound settings to all polyphonic channels

MH stuff:
— Keyboard > Port B ( rClick to Change Source of all from)
— Port C > Octarack
CC list:
– CC 101: CCNo to be affected by velocity
– CC102 : lo
– CC103 : Hi ( if lo > Hi, Mod depth is inverted)

e.g.CC101= 35, CC102= 63, CC103= 127
Velocity opens the filter by a specific base and width. (CC goes only to triggered channel )

– CC 104 – 106 : Same as above, for another parameter

– CC 107 – 109 : Same as above, for Pressure (goes to all poly channels)

– CC 98 – 100 : Same as above, for Mod Wheel

Of course, more modulation is possible/ welcome, but i suggest grasping the idea of the patch before start tweaking

– Enjoy yourselves, and leave some feedback!

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  • Category: Sampler Synthesizer Utility
  • Revision: 1.2
  • License: The Unlicense
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