this allows the Organelle to be used as ‘Controller’ for applications (e.g. PD patches) running on another machine (e.g. your Desktop)

so if your developing a pure data patch for Organelle on your Desktop, this utility will allows you to control that patch (running on your Desktop) from your Organelle. so knobs/keys events are received by patch , and your organelle oled will update from the screen events of your patch

Note: Its not limited to PD, it also works for OTC :)

2 parts :
OscHost – runs on the Organelle
Clients for Mac/Windows/Linux run on your Desktop

Organelle + Wifi card
Organelle setup for Wifi
Desktop computer on same network as Organelle

Note: This is a ‘development tool’, so will need ‘tweaking’ to your setup, see below


put OscHost onto the Usbdrive in System (create if required)

you will need to edit the run.sh to insert your IP address of your PC/Mac
(eg /usbdrive/System/OscHost/run.sh )

then run OscHost on the Organelle… its like a ‘patch’

put ‘Clients’ anywhere you want
then run either run_linux.sh, run_macos.sh or run_windows.cmd

note: this assumes organelle’s host name can be resolved with ‘organelle’
if not you will want to edit the appropriate run script to put the ip address of your Organelle

see also this thread

change log
1.0 initial release
1.1 add windows release, fix issues with missing libs
1.2 change windows release to not require MSVC runtime
1.3 (bad upload)
1.4 fix link issue with organelle

2 comments on “OscProxy
  • shreeswifty on said:

    very cool

    thanks for this!

  • Alberto Romero on said:

    Wow, awesome! I won’t need to buy a monitor, very helpful. Thanks

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