I’ve been working for a while on a custom ORAC for the organelle which will improve its workflow into a more “streamlined” Groovebox/Multieffect unit.

Here is a list of some of the features.


Hybrid: 4x chains router with mixer.

Capture: integrated multitrack capture.

re-organised folder structure for fx, instruments, modulation & utility for better browsing experience.

Transport: new transport module which is also a master used for launching the 10 patterns* globally (*see below)


2x send fx slots (with option to send fx1 into fx2, stay parallel or serial fx1 into fx2).

3x master fx slots.


new 8 voices “Plaits” drum machine with integrated stereo reverb send, drive send, pan and volume for each voice.

new 7 tracks multitimbral/polyrhythmic/polymetric drum step sequencer including 10 pattern slots, velocity & voice selectable per-step and performance mutes (to go along with the new drum machine).

fixed “sequences” module (will now start in sync), 10 patterns* saveable (they launch seamless & in sync) and new interface.


3x modulation source slots.

implemented a more user-friendly and fail-proof way of mapping/unmapping modulation sources to parameters (no matrix but still works very nicely!)

new cpu efficient 4x LFO module with 4 waveshapes + random, they can be synced independently to either Note-Trigger, 1 beat, 1/2 beats or Kick Sidechain (from the new drum sequencer).

new 4x random-sync module with optional slew functionality allowing to glide from a random state to the next random state or to change abruptly (as it does originally).

new morpher modulation module with 16 mappable macros and 10 saveable banks, (your mapped paramenters will morph to the selected bank in the time “beats/bars” specified by you).

Most of the modules are either mild or deep modification of already existing patches made by @WyrdAl, @T8R, @electrafa, @icaroferre, @thetechnobear and Critter&Guitari.

Please note that the patch is still in beta, it has not been tested on Organelle-1, only on Organelle-M/S.

More in-depth documentation coming soon.

– Fixed media path in the orac.json file
– Removed the work in progress “Sequences” module, it will be re-released once it’s working properly. (if you need this module please install the original one in the “user-modules” folder).

– Compatibility improvements to transport module, now works with Loopy (thanks T8R).

– Fixed performance mutes graphics not appearing on “Overdrum”.

– Fixed Transport midi start/stop signals for external gear (it was set for OP-1 which works differently from standard).
– Optimised CPU usage for multitrack recording.

5 comments on “ORHACK
  • ciaraneditor on said:

    Thanks man. How do I actually start the multitrack recording?

  • audivit on said:

    Recording is enabled by pressing the Aux button on the third master effect “f3”.

  • Holgap on said:

    WOW! Great work. This is what the organelle needed.
    I am curious about the final version.

  • ship_man on said:

    This is amazing! Orac has been the heart of my music for a while now and this is such an intense addition. Is it still possible to drop in regular Orac patches the same as the original? Also, I know this might be a stretch, but is there anyway to port presets from Orac to Orhack?

  • audivit on said:

    Yes you can put normal ORAC modules in the folder /sdcard/media/orhack/user-modules/..
    The only catch is that sampler modules or other modules which need to access the media folder would still pick the sound from the orac media folder instead of the dedicated orhack media folder.

    For the presets you need to modify the .json file inside the preset to remove used modulations if there are any, and also replace the router module with “hybrid” and clock with “transport” module, then I think you can put your ORAC preset into the folder /sdcard/data/orhack/presets/..

    It is not recommended as it most likely cause some unexpected issue.
    But in theory they should work provided all the used modules in the preset are present in your user-folder, I’ve never tried tho..

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