ORHACK (beta)

I’ve been working for a while on a custom ORAC for the organelle which will improve its workflow into a more “streamlined” Groovebox/Multieffect unit.

Here is a list of some of the features.


Hybrid: 4x chains router with mixer.

Capture: integrated multitrack capture.

re-organised folder structure for fx, instruments, modulation & utility for better browsing experience.

Transport: new transport module which is also a master used for launching the 10 patterns* globally (*see below)


2x send fx slots (with option to send fx1 into fx2, stay parallel or serial fx1 into fx2).

3x master fx slots.


new 8 voices “Plaits” drum machine with integrated stereo reverb send, drive send, pan and volume for each voice.

new 7 tracks multitimbral/polyrhythmic/polymetric drum step sequencer including 10 pattern slots, velocity & voice selectable per-step and performance mutes (to go along with the new drum machine).

fixed “sequences” module (will now start in sync), 10 patterns* saveable (they launch seamless & in sync) and new interface.


3x modulation source slots.

implemented a more user-friendly and fail-proof way of mapping/unmapping modulation sources to parameters (no matrix but still works very nicely!)

new cpu efficient 4x LFO module with 4 waveshapes + random, they can be synced independently to either Note-Trigger, 1 beat, 1/2 beats or Kick Sidechain (from the new drum sequencer).

new 4x random-sync module with optional slew functionality allowing to glide from a random state to the next random state or to change abruptly (as it does originally).

new morpher modulation module with 16 mappable macros and 10 saveable banks, (your mapped paramenters will morph to the selected bank in the time “beats/bars” specified by you).

Most of the modules are either mild or deep modification of already existing patches made by @WyrdAl, @T8R, @electrafa, @icaroferre, @thetechnobear and Critter&Guitari.

Please note that the patch is still in beta, it has not been tested on Organelle-1, only on Organelle-M/S.

More in-depth documentation coming soon.

– Fixed bug in Overflow which was clearing all steps occasionally.
– Improved transport start/stop behaviour to and from external midi gear.

– Clips bug fixes.
– Implemented “instant aux press to end recording” in Clips.
– Added bpm tag at the end of multitrack recording names.
– Deprecated sampler modules (audioflow, polytwig, norisampler) as they don’t seem to work (will look for a solution in next updates or create some alternative modules).


Due to a change in the empty module If you want to use presets made in earlier versions of Orhack beta, you should unload and reload each -empty- modules and then resave the preset.

Alternatively you can modify the desired preset JSON file within the preset folder and change all the -empty- modules “thru_gain” values from 0 to 100.


* Polyphonic Sequencer:
“Clips” is a (transport synced) midi loop sequencer based on electrafa’s “Sequences”, it has been modified and simplified to fit ORHACK workflow, including the addition of 10 pattern slots controllable from the transport module.

Clips Instructions:
– Press Aux quickly to arm recording
– Press & Hold Aux briefly to abort armed recording, play the current sequence or to end a recording.
– Press & Holding Aux + Any black key to select a pattern.
– Press & Holding Aux + First white key to Undo last recording.
– Press & Holding Aux + Last white key to empty current pattern.

* Mastering EQ / Stereo Enhancer:
“Marginal” is a new master audio effect inspired by classic Pultec eq curves, including a stereo enhancer designed to give new life to your ORHACK master chain, remove muddiness and widen the stereo image.
Use it in conjunction with “Bus Comp” for a killer master chain!

* Generation Floss Effect:
“Gen Floss” is a dirty tape emulation inspired by the famous Generation Loss.
Includes 5 selectable drive types, 5 selectable loss types, 3 selectable types of modulated noise and fully adjustable amount of tape artefacts.


* Automatic Latency Compensation:
Multicore instruments and effects utilising PD~ subprocess method are now independently latency compensated,
This means no more timing mismatch between normal sequencing modules and PD~ modules when transport is playing.

* Arrangement Mode:
Transport module now has a dedicated “arrangement mode”, the 10 patterns in each sequencer within a chain can now be freely assigned to each transport global pattern.

– Chain A (Overdrum: patterns available 1 to 10)
– Chain B (Clips: patterns available 1 to 10)
– Chain C (Overflow: patterns available 1 to 10)
– Chain D (Clips: patterns available 1 to 10)

Transport Global Pattern 1 ->[ Chain A : Pattern 2, Chain B: Pattern 6, Chain C: Pattern 3, Chain D: Pattern 1]…
Transport Global Pattern 2 ->[ Chain A : Pattern 2, Chain B: Pattern 3, Chain C: Pattern 1, Chain D: Pattern 2]…

This allows to create full arrangements by using repeating patterns and empty patterns.
You can view the patterns within a sequencer as a collection of clips without the need to be in sequential order, instead you can decide the order within the “transport” module global patterns.


– “bitcrush”, “clip” & “tanh” modules ported to stereo.
– “r-thru-gain” deprecated from hybrid router module.
– Various minor fixes.

– Added audio enabled Waveform screensaver.
– Removed the old graphic screensaver.

– Fixed issue with transport time signature.
– Fixed issue with “Overflow” signature.
– Implemented Screensaver Settings on Hybrid router module page “S1”.
– Implemented Screensaver graphics.
– Fixed issue with “Overdrum” & “Overflow” not starting automatically when loading a preset or loading these modules while the transport was running.

– Fixed media path in the orac.json file
– Removed the work in progress “Sequences” module, it will be re-released once it’s working properly. (if you need this module please install the original one in the “user-modules” folder).

– Compatibility improvements to transport module, now works with Loopy (thanks T8R).

– Fixed performance mutes graphics not appearing on “Overdrum”.

– Fixed Transport midi start/stop signals for external gear (it was set for OP-1 which works differently from standard).
– Optimised CPU usage for multitrack recording.

48 comments on “ORHACK (beta)
  • ciaraneditor on said:

    Thanks man. How do I actually start the multitrack recording?

  • audivit on said:

    Recording is enabled by pressing the Aux button on the third master effect “f3”.

  • Holgap on said:

    WOW! Great work. This is what the organelle needed.
    I am curious about the final version.

  • ship_man on said:

    This is amazing! Orac has been the heart of my music for a while now and this is such an intense addition. Is it still possible to drop in regular Orac patches the same as the original? Also, I know this might be a stretch, but is there anyway to port presets from Orac to Orhack?

  • audivit on said:

    Yes you can put normal ORAC modules in the folder /sdcard/media/orhack/user-modules/..
    The only catch is that sampler modules or other modules which need to access the media folder would still pick the sound from the orac media folder instead of the dedicated orhack media folder.

    For the presets you need to modify the .json file inside the preset to remove used modulations if there are any, and also replace the router module with “hybrid” and clock with “transport” module, then I think you can put your ORAC preset into the folder /sdcard/data/orhack/presets/..

    It is not recommended as it most likely cause some unexpected issue.
    But in theory they should work provided all the used modules in the preset are present in your user-folder, I’ve never tried tho..

  • yann_vollemaere on said:

    Great work. I don’t manage to learn parameters in morpher module. I trued to do the same way than with the other modulations modules but it doesn’t seem to work. Could anyone help with that?
    Thanks again

  • audivit on said:

    Parameter learn on Morpher:
    1- hit Aux button once (purple LED flashing and “>>>>MORPHER<<<<" message on top of the screen indicates that the learn focus is on Morpher).
    2- navigate to the parameter you want to learn, the destination parameter not the morpher parameter.
    3- click the main encoder and activate mod learn on the main menu.
    4- move the desired destination parameter.
    5- navigate back to the Morpher module and move the desired source parameter (macro parameter) to a value thats not zero.
    6- press the main encoder and disable mod learn then press aux on Morpher to disable the learn focus.

    Parameter unlearn on Morpher:
    identical to the learn method but on step 5 you have to move the morpher macro parameter to zero.

    Hope it helps!

  • yann_vollemaere on said:

    Thanks a lot and again it’s really a great work !

  • blaupunkt_thorwuld on said:

    how do i get into the transporter module? when i press the aux button i get in the mix module.
    i’m new to orhack, sorry for the stupid question!

  • raymond_monaco on said:

    I must know where you got those buttons and knobs? Did you modify your Organell? I have the Organell M and would love to replace the maple buttons to something similar to what yo have.

  • clembtc on said:

    Hi !
    Thanks you for your Amazing work !!!
    I juste wanna Ask you IS orac modules compatible with orhack ?

  • mchest on said:

    Hi – loving Orhack! thank you
    Question re multitrack recording
    “Recording is enabled by pressing the Aux button on the third master effect “f3”.”
    i do this & it flicks over to the MIX page when i release aux button. there’s no indication recording is taking place.
    Gain at 100% multi-track on….I can;t find any files when i search the sd card.
    Organelle S v4.1, what am I doing wrong?

  • audivit on said:

    Because you’re pressing the aux button while being in the “hybrid” router module submenu.

    You have to navigate to the actual module “f3” by pressing and holding the encoder button and then selecting “f3”, then you press the aux button, you’ll see the red LED lighting up and a counter on the bottom of the screen.

    That counter currently is only available on the f3 module, but I’m planning to add a global indicator showing if a recording is running to make it visible from the other modules.

    I hope this helps! :)

  • mchest on said:

    Thankyou, working. I had a module already on F3 so that thru me, it’s such a great feature. Yep global indicator wld be next level. Cheers again :)

  • audivit on said:

    You’re welcome!
    Just for the record, you can still load other modules on the master fx slot “f3” and the recorder would still work, usually master effects don’t use the aux button so thats free to use with the recorder, in case you want to put an effect which do use the aux button then you can use the other slots “f1 & f2”.

    I might improve this in future updates!

  • min-yu on said:

    Thank you for all your work. It makes Organelle closer to a complete instrument. Now we eagerly wait for in-depth documentation/manual for how to use it properly :)

  • clembtc on said:

    Hi, i can’t make any sampler work in Orhack am i doing something wrong ?
    for example can’t record anything in the nori sampler…

  • audivit on said:

    Samplers are not fully supported yet, there’s some more work to do on that side and bug fixes which I hope I’ll figure out for the next update.

    However, “Samplement” and “Percussion” seem to work fine.

  • smokegreeen on said:

    I’m having trouble with overdrum, I have the organelle linked to ableton with a roland midi to usb adapter. When I start ableton, I can see that transport starts moving, but overdrum doesn’t start the pattern. If I manually start the pattern on the organelle with the aux button, overdrum starts the beat just fine. Is there a setting I’m missing?

  • audivit on said:

    Have you set Ableton to send transport start/stop messages?
    I’ve never used Ableton to clock the Organelle because I don’t have a trs midi adapter atm, but I will try once I finally decide to buy one!

    Are you sure the adapter you have is the correct one? It should be Type A.

  • smokegreeen on said:

    I’m using a Roland USB to midi interface, connected to the organelle M (acting as usb host). When I start playback in live, the Transport module in ORHACK starts perfectly and is in sync with midi. It’s just that Overdrum patterns will not start playing. If I use polystep, everything works perfectly. My drums start when ORHACK’s transport starts. So it may be an issue with Overdrum itself. Thanks so much for your help, you are an absolute legend for making ORHACK :)

  • audivit on said:

    I’m gonna look into it asap, for now one thing you can try is to hit stop twice on Ableton and then play on Ableton to see if Overdrum starts this way.
    Let me know!

  • smokegreeen on said:

    I will try that, thank you!

  • smokegreeen on said:

    So far, pressing stop twice doesn’t seem to work. For now, I’m gonna try sequencing the drums in Live and just having that control fission.

  • michael_potash on said:

    I have been really enjoying this thank you for all this work.

    I ran into an issue with Overflow yesterday. Every time I add a few notes it clears them all, I cannot figure it out. It was working fine before that. Once this issue cropped up I ended up reflashing the whole SD and reinstalling and it is still happening. My thought is my aux button is a little sticky somehow, but other patches work fine, so I figured I’d let you know. That is one cool module so I’d love to get it working again if you have any advice. Thank you!

  • audivit on said:

    Make sure there is no midi information being sent to the module slot by a sequencer preceding it or an external keyboard. The only times I’ve experienced what you’re describing was due to that or hanging stuck midi notes, but it might be some other combination causing this bug.

  • michael_potash on said:

    Wow thank you for the quick response. Here’s what I did – I have nothing connected to the Organelle. I have overflow in A1. I turned off note send in the hybrid module and Chain A MIDI IN. I turned off MIDI I/O on the Transport module.

    Unfortunately it is still happening though. Sometimes the first note is immediately deleted, sometimes I can get four or five in before it clears. It is so strange because I had a great jam going before, I may keep attempting re-installs. Anyway thanks for the response, I’ll keep an eye out for any updates you have to this thing. It is really fun

  • audivit on said:

    Just to make sure, how long are you pressing when you’re entering a step?
    If you press long enough it will trigger the step delete function.

    For Overflow:
    Aux + Short Press (To place a step)
    Aux + Medium/Long Press (To delete the selected step)
    Aux + Long Press (To delete all steps in the current track)

  • devinichol on said:

    This makes the Organelle into a truly amazing grove box! Thank you for your work, and love your design aesthetic

  • audivit on said:

    Thanks a lot!
    That is my goal with ORHACK.
    I’m glad to see that the current beta is already going in the right direction!

  • michael_potash on said:

    Hello there! You fixed the overflow! Amazing. This is the best patch out there, so much fun

  • camfry on said:

    Lovely patch! was looking forward to trying it on organelle-1, sadly the cpu is not up to it.

  • nicolasbulb on said:

    Yes, I’m also with organelle-1 and I’m relunctant to change it. Is there a way to built a lighter version of Orhack? Would be cool!

  • audivit on said:

    I suspect that a lighter version would be too limited, I’m building Orhack for the newer Organelle simply because is the one I own.
    But if I had an original Organelle I would definitely upgrade only for the substantial CPU improvements.

    To be honest I even found the Organelle M/S a tad limited, hence why I had to overclock mine, OC really gives the extra headroom to make the whole Orhack system run much more smoothly.

  • alphapotato on said:

    Thanks so much for this, it’s become the brain of my silly bicycle-mounted setup. A while back I ported H Rando (4 samples per key played randomly or in sequence) to ORAC. When I try to drop that version into ORHACK there’s a lot of distortion on the samples, especially on the low end – I’m wondering if there is anything different about how audio is routed or other problems with standard ORAC modules that you’ve encountered?

  • min-yu on said:


    When I tried to install the latest version 0.52b Orhack on my Organelle M
    I always get the error {Install Failed , Unable to Unzip}

    Is anyone else experience the same problem?

    I erased the previous version before installing, so I can’t use Orhack at all right now. : (

  • wikur on said:

    Hi Audivit!
    Could you share how you overclocked your M ?
    I really like Orhack.
    Went out in the woods yesterday and sat down and made some nice music…….!
    Thanks for your work and sharing it.

  • sonic_boomtown on said:

    Hi Audivit,

    Really enjoying Orhack. I’m having a problem with using clips + an instrument such as slatra and keeping in time to the metronome when recording. I have tried many times to get an in time loop. Not sure what im doing wrong (I’m probably bad at looping!).
    Thank you for all the work put into it, its great.

  • ciaraneditor on said:

    @sonic_boomtown, I find the same thing with clips. Can’t get a decent loop going. The ‘sequences’ orac module seems to work better for now…

  • sonic_boomtown on said:

    Hey @ciaraneditor, glad to know I’m not alone with that. Which patch is the ‘Sequences’ you’re talking about, I couldn’t find it on patch storage.

    Thank you :)

  • cristian_naldi on said:

    Hi Audivit, really great work!
    Is there an in-depth documentation/manual for Orhack?

  • mdx on said:

    Firstly thanks for such great work – it’s really fun!

    I’ve got a question on the Clips module – I can’t record more than one pattern – if I record a pattern and then select another pattern to record and then go back to the first one – its gone! Do I need to save somehow before selecting another pattern?

  • audivit on said:

    Hi mdx,


    You have to create a new preset, Clips saving feature wont work on the init preset.

    That is a bug that is fixed for the next release.

  • mdx on said:

    aha! many thanks

  • will_hawkins on said:

    Thanks for such a fun patch!

    Could anyone clarify the folder structure for Percussions to work? I’ve been able to use this module within Orac with custom samples, but I can’t figure out how to do the same within Orhack. Any help would be hugely appreciated! Cheers

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