Organelle UI for desktop

A compatible PD implementation of the Organelle UI for developing and testing patches without using the Organelle hardware.

Okay, I’m lazy. And sometimes I find it a bit tiring to always have my Organelle nearby, do the whole WIFI setup and then be able to work on my patches via VNC (which is sometimes a bit unstable).

With this Organelle UI (or simulator) it is relatively easy to work on patches without the Organelle. It’s even practical to use it on the Organelle because you don’t always have to look at the screen. Or even turn the buttons.

So it’s very comfortable. ;-) And of course I love to having attached all the buttons and knobs (don’t forget the screen) of a physical device to Pure Data.

However, it only works via the events sent by the hardware. So there is no MIDI support or anything like that. The notes are sent to “notes”, just like on the Organelle.

If something doesn’t work or is missing, just let me know.

Version 1.0 now supports MIDI to control the surface. Have a look to patch ‘midi-map’ for details. Just enter your control numbers into the route object. Check the print box to get informations when turnig your knobs.

0.2: Expression is now working. Connection lost…
0.3: Damn, there was a spelling mistake in the demo
0.4: Encoder lost connection as well…
0.5: The display is shortened to 21 characters so that you can see whether the text fits on the organelle’s screen. The sliders for the knobs now have space for this.
0.6: Now Organelles notes sends value and velocity from external MIDI. Cleaned up some mess in the demo patch.
0.7: Corrected a misbehavior in the foodswitch handling. Now it should really be 100 percent compatible. Maybe next time I should test it better.
1.0: Added a MIDI map patch to control the surface.
1.1: Added toggle and bang for encoder, AUX and food switch. Added simple LED indication, so far without color…
1.2: LED now with color
1.3: VU for output
1.4: VU for input

3 comments on “Organelle UI for desktop
  • attackallmonsters on said:

    If anyone has an idea regarding note on/off please let me know. There are only Bang and Toggle and neither are really suitable as keyboards.

  • donnerbono on said:

    Use a toggle and pass the toggle value (1 for note on, 0 for note off) with the note number. You’d need to change your default patch to do stuff with note velocity. Looks great!

  • attackallmonsters on said:

    Yes, that would be a possibility. But it would be a bit uncomfortable. My idea would have been to send note on when you click and note off when you release the mouse button. But that’s not possible because PD doesn’t provide anything like that.

    On the other hand, who seriously plays with the Organelle’s keyboard? I have now simply added a “notein” which sends value and velocity to Organelles notes. Now you can simply connect a MIDI keyboard.

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