Orchestra is a scene-based “meta-sequencer”, designed to help users build song structure out of pattern-based sequencers.

At the start of each bar, Orchestra can send 1 single MIDI event per MIDI channel. This can be a program change message, a CC message, or a Note (held for 20ms).

Each scene holds up to 16 bars of information for each of the 16 MIDI channels. There are currently 8 scenes.

So, for example, in Scene 1, on MIDI channel 1 you could control a sequencer to play sequence 1 for 3 bars, sequence 2 for 1 bar, then restart. Meanwhile on MIDI channel 2 you could have a drum machine playing pattern 1, followed by pattern 2, then restarting.

There are three different views within Orchestra.

This is the initial view when you start Orchestra. Tap a pad to load Scene 1-8. Hold SHIFT and tap a pad to begin editing a scene, this enters CHANNELS VIEW

This lists all the channels for a loaded scene. Tap a pad to edit the pattern for that channel. Tap SHIFT to return to SCENES VIEW

You are now editing the event pattern for a specific MIDI channel and specific scene. Tap a pad to begin editing it. Use knob 1 to select the action (do nothing, program change, CC message, note message, or restart pattern). Depending on the action, knobs 2 and 3 have different meaning.

Press SHIFT to return to channels view.

This patch is still work in progress, some TODO:
– increase for 8 to 16 scenes
– per-channel time divider to allow for patterns longer than 16 bars
– MIDI input

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