A mixture of Berryloops by WydrAl and Samplement by electrafa with features such as selecting start and end points, trigger, loop, and ping pong modes for playing back samples, attack envelope, and recording capabilites. It is a bit menu dive-y so apologies for that.

The patch functions with the bottom C, C#, D, and D# able to start 4 loops with E being a global start. The bottom F, F#, G, G# stop the respective loops and A is a global stop. Holding B will show what samples are loaded.

This newest version of Oracloops is a multicore only patch for the M and S. If you are using an OG organelle you may run into problems but it may also work fine. If there is enough people who want a single core version, I will see about converting it. If you want to download the older single core version, visit the GitHub link. It also takes about 15 seconds to load so be patient

Make sure to have the appropriate folders created to house the recorded samples at sdcard/media/oracloops or usbdrive/media/oracloops. Unzip patch to the orac usermodules folder and have fun!

v1.2 Fixed bugs. Added ability to browse different folders and see files names that don’t have to be numeric. Saves and loads samples and parameters per preset. Holding B shows active samples. Only multicore version is available.

v1.1 Added an audio threshold to enable recording

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  • Category: Effect Sampler Sound Utility
  • Revision: 1.2
  • License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
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  • Modified: 3 weeks ago
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  • arkanisgath on said:

    Thank you so much, i love this module!!! Had been looking for this kind of sampler/recorder in orac for a long time.
    I Just have one problem with it: When i record new samples in the oracloops folder, the sample selection value switches as the number of .wav-files in the folder increases. So if i have an old project in orac, which uses oracloops, the selected samples are different now and everything is messed up. I hope you understand what i mean (english is not my native language, sorry). Is there a workaround for that? I have the same problem with the samplement-module. Thanks in advance, Max

  • t8r on said:

    Hi @arkanisgath I believe the issue is when Orac saves a preset it stores the knob position but when more samples get added, the knob positions points to a different sample. This could probably be remedied by saving the sample numbers to a text file and then loading that text file on load. I’m not entirely sure if I can have this happen on saving a preset but maybe this functionality could be utilized for some kind of bank system. I’ll see about what I can do but it might be a bit as there is only so much time in a day and I’m working on a couple other modules which have been taking up more of it

  • arkanisgath on said:

    Ok, thank you for your ansnwer!

  • t8r on said:

    Hi @arkanisgath I figured out how to add the saving functionality and added some other features I think you will enjoy in this newest version!

  • arkanisgath on said:

    That makes this module perfect. Thank you so much!

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