Orac Remote Control patches

Contained are a PD patch and a Lemur patch for controlling Orac remotely over wifi.

this patches are detailed in the video below

read the README contained in the ZIP file for more install details.

you will need to also have installed Orac, and on the Organelle you will also need MEC installed.
(MEC is installed by default on other platforms)

note: these are for remote use on your pc/mac/iOS device

Change Log
1.0 initial release
1.1 add mrpeach ext for other platforms
1.2 use /page message to manage controls

note: rolled back to 1.1 until new mec is released!

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: GPL
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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2 comments on “Orac Remote Control patches
  • harmonyunited on said:

    Hey Mark,

    I am having no success controlling ORAC with my iPad via lemur. The text file was not specifically clear about if i need both a PD client AND the lemur patch? Or is it one or the other?

    Both the ipad and the organelle are on the same WIFI network. I start Orac and load a simple synth patch for testing. I run MEC enabling osckontrol. I have tried both host name (organelle.local) and the ip address with port 6100. The iPad Lemur is not refreshing with the orac information; it just displays the default 01234567890…etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. ( I will also post to orac 2 thread )

  • thetechnobear on said:

    sorry, I dont check patchstorage for comments… your better off pinging me on the c&g forum, or blokas etc. or anywhere … Im always under name ‘thetechnobear’

    you can use either PD or Lemur, you dont need both… your preference.

    with Lemur the most likely problem is… once you change the hostname in lemur, you need to reload the lemur project … as lemur only attempts to connect when the project is loaded :(

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