Orac Controller

A sketch to control a virtual modular synth called “Orac” – https://github.com/TheTechnobear/Orac


On the menu screen

Up and Down – move between the lines.
Left and Right – move between the modules.
A – activate the selected item.
B – go to the parameters screen.

On the parameters screen

Up and Down – move between the parameters.
Left and Right:
– If a param is activated, decrease and increase its value respectively.
– Otherwise go to previous or next parameter page.
A – activate the currently selected parameter for changing the value. If MIDI Learn is enabled, after the parameters’ value is changed using Left or Right, the parameter can be MIDI mapped by moving a control on a MIDI controller.
B goes to the menu screen.

3 comments on “Orac Controller
  • FPA on said:

    midiboy is always waiting for OracBridge, what should i do please?

  • FPA on said:

    Thank you very much, the sketch works fine!

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