One shot LFO trigger. Delay to define length of time.

Convert a single CC message to a stream of CC message for a defined period using delay pipe (1 bar in this patch).

Modify the CC message stream using “passive mod” mode of the LFO with the waveform for that period.

The CC message is used for two parameter maps.
1. Set the LFO phase from the CC value. This allows each message to target a different part of the waveform.
2. Reset the LFO to alway start at the same point of the waveform.

The patch use Channel 3 and CC number 8 but can be changed. I am sending in clock for delay and LFO and then filtering it out at the end.

I have a button on my launchpad set to toggle between fade out and fade in over one bar. (CC messages send phase values of 31 and 95)

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