The Omniphase!

Supercool and diverse, for all your phasing needs, and more! Comes with 4 modes, massive range, epic feedback (it almost self-oscillates!), selectable nr of poles, LFO blending (square to sine to triangle), and manual phase offset.
It does a lot of things, from gentle (well… it CAN do gentle) phasing, to quasi-ring mod, to step-phasing and even Sitar sounds! And everything in a glorious stereo of course!

MODE 1 (Yellow): Regular LFO
MODE 2 (Cyan): Stepped S&H
MODE 3 (Magenta): Envelope phasing
MODE 4 (White): Envelope LFO


All controls are on PAGE0, all are CV Values.
Most controls stay the same throughout, but a few change function depending on mode, as indicated:
*In Mode1, ‘Manual’ becomes an LFO speed control of the S&H.
**In Mode 3, ‘Speed’ controls the Rise/Fall time of the Envelope follower, and in Mode 4 it sort-of controls the max LFO speed that the Envelope can reach.
***In Mode 3 & 4, ‘Shape’ sets the Envelope to Upwards (above 0) or Downwards (below 0), and in Mode 3 it controls the stereo spread between L and R (no delay at 0, up to a few seconds delay at -1 or 1, great for slowly evolving sounds).

TOP MIDDLE (Red) = Mix (Overall dry/wet mix)
2ND ROW LEFT (Green) = Manual* (Offsets the filter range)
3ND ROW LEFT (Red) = Feedback (It ALMOST self-oscillates at max)
4ND ROW LEFT (Green) = Poles (How ‘juicy’ the phaser sounds, currently selects between 2, 6, 12 or 20 poles. Hopefully Poles become CV accessible soon, then this function can really shine!)

2ND ROW RIGHT (Red) = Speed** (Modulation LFO speed)
3ND ROW RIGHT (Green) = Depth (Modulation LFO depth)
4ND ROW RIGHT (Red) = Shape*** (Blends the LFO waveshape from a Sine at 0 to either a Square at -1, or a Triangle at 1)

STOMP LEFT = Switches between modes
STOMP MID = Hmm.. I forgot. Think it momentarily maxes Feedback?
STOMP RIGHT = I dunno anymore… Gotta check this stuff. Maybe it doesn’t do anything. But probably it does..

>>> Manual offset is great to squeeze the most out of little modulation depth!
>>> In Mode 3, set a low depth, a slow envelope response, and tweak Manual to taste and you’ve got almost sitar-like sounds!
>>> Increasing ‘Depth’ inversely affects the ‘Manual’ offset, to prevent going out of filter bounds…
…But, if both ‘Manual’ and ‘Depth’ are almost maxed it CAN clip a bit, that’s on purpose! Try cranking the speed for broken tremolo sounds!
>>> In Mode 2, the regular LFO speed, depth and shape settings still greatly affect what happens with the S&H steps!


PAGE0 has all controls (see above)

COMING SOON… I gotta check in the Patch itself.


>>>POLES via CV!! If they implement my suggestion to have the All Pass Filter Poles accessible via CV (check the Empress Suggestions Forum!), then we can make these great plonky sounds (like the Ghost Fax from Dwarfcraft does)!
I could also get rid of a few filters (from 8 APFs to maybe 6) and Audio Switches, and STILL have MUCH more different flavors to pick (I plan on having 3 poles to 24 selectable)!
>>> Expression control! CPU is too high currently, but I’d LOVE to add EXP control of the Manual Offset and/or of the Poles (if that becomes CV accessible).
>>> Barberpole mode! The one thing I’d LOVE to add, but that takes a bit of a routing change, so might have to make that a separate patch.
>>> Envelope sensitivity can’t be (easily) changed currently.. Might need to address that.

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