UPDATE: Original Author is mncrmo (https://patchstorage.com/author/mncrmo/) checkout some of their other patches : -)

Original author statement in the comments with layout diagrams as well. No signal flow this time because it’s too much to reverse engineer.

Long-and-short-of-it is that this is two (2) mono-synths in the style of the Moog Sirin Analog Messenger of Joy, routed to independent outputs of the pedal. Each synth receives midi notes on channel 1 and 2 respectively. Each has LFO-controlled VCO and VCF’s that have “mix” controls. The frequency of DCO2 in each synth is also controllable.

What i did to the patch is overlay midi CC params for the elektron octotrack to utilize 11/12 of the midi channel midi cc outputs. You can of course re-assign the control channels to suite the output of any device you would like …

Interface now gives some feedback of the LFOs and AMP + FLT envelopes (gate + env follower)

Lastly there is a performance toggle at the bottom right corner so you can completely externally control this thing and not worry about bumping a value accidentally.

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  • avantgov on said:


    I tried to replicate the architecture of the Moog Sirin cause I
    wanted a simple mono synth to pair with my Digitakt… then i duplicated
    it so i have 2 Zirins in two separate (audio and midi) channels. One
    goes to the left output and MIDI channel 1 and the other to the right
    output and MIDI channel 2.

    The first two pages are the UI’s of the synths. I used the same color
    scheme in the original Sirin, so is easier to find things. Also i
    labeled everything.

    In the 3rd and 4th pages are the rest of the synths. The only main
    changes you wanna make here are the osc waveforms (both oscillator in
    top left corner) and the midi channel (MIDI IN bottom left corner).
    Everything else can be done in the UI’s.

    I add two things to the UI not in the original Sirin to make it work better:

    i) In the bottom left corner there are two buttons that switch on/off
    the LFO for VCO and VCF. Thats because the Attenuverter even in 0 send
    some CV, so I add the switches for better use.

    ii) In every page, in the bottom right corner there are 1 or 2 purple pixels showing if you are in a page of Sirin 1 or 2.

    Any suggestions will be well received.


    UPDATE 1.3: there was a missing audio connection in the second Zirin, but now is working flawlessly.

    UPDATE 1.5:
    i) I replaced the Attenuverter of the LFO’s for multipliers so now the
    on/off switches are not necessary. I kept the one in the VCF EG AMT
    cause i like the graphics.

    ii) I added Keyboard Tracking to the filter, so now the only lime
    button at the bottom controls the amount of this. I’m not quite sure if
    the original Sirin has one but i like it.

    iii) Now both synths support velocity (for volume).


  • mncrmo on said:

    Oh Hi!
    I was the original author of the patch, I’m glad someone liked it and took the time to make a few updates. It was one of my first ‘serious’ patches and probably had a few noob mistakes.

    I will for sure try this new version, since for some reason I don’t have mine anymore.


  • avantgov on said:

    nice! glad you saw this update : -)

    i will go ahead and update the write up with attribution. Do you still have the original patch on patchstorage? i was unable to find it? Maybe drop a link in the comments so others can find it if they want?

    FWIW i thought the patch was very well done and used overlapping modules incredibly well, and more-over it sounds GREAT and functions incredibly well.

  • mncrmo on said:

    For some reason I deleted the original version :( But anyway, in any case it’s better for people to not have duplicates jajaja

    I really care about creating good UIs for patches, it makes people way more engaged with them. I’ll give a new try to this patch now that I have a ZOIA again.

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