This is a play around with octaves. It has sub, dry, +1 and +2. It has ADSR for getting organ type noise etc. It has reverb to help this too. It has filter and chorus for the higher octaves. And, not totally recommended, but it has distortion for doing sub-octave lead parts. That can be totally bypassed, though, to not detract from the main aim!

Let me know if any bugs or anything that needs tweaking as this was done quickly to satisfy my long-lasting GAS for certain similar guitar pedals.

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  • Louie Kiley on said:

    Hey donnerbono, I’ve been making some weird music with this patch! But, I have noticed one odd bug though that I wanted to see if you could help fix; the +2 octave and the sub octave tend to be a little flat compared to the dry signal and the +1 octave. I checked on a few different tuners to make sure.

    lou <3

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