Oceanic Refrains 1.2 (Dave Venom’s Free Version)

Dave Venom provided this amazing free interpretation of Oceanic Refrains that is a bugfix from the last version. Major improvements:

* Just intonation is fixed and in the right key. This was causing and dissonance and was due to a misunderstanding about how to achieve a scl/kbm style functionality in VCV Rack.
* An arpeggio got deleted in the last version when I was doing my original clearout of premium plugins.
* The sub bass is generally improved and warmer.
* Numerous cleanups of left over modules

This is an essential bugfix and my final version for the ArpHarmony March context. Thank you so much Dave Venom for realizing these problems and fixing them before I was able to provide an updated version! The original was one of my first few patches in VCV Rack and version this was an outstanding contribution by Dave which really captures the essence of the original version without the premium modules.

Please check out Dave Venom’s modules and YouTube page, he’s doing great work!

One comments on “Oceanic Refrains 1.2 (Dave Venom’s Free Version)
  • greentangerine on said:

    The filter modulations are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing!

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