O-knob !

It is a very simple knob/parameter page system and preset manager for Critter & Guitari’s Organelle. Just pick up your value where it was last time, and save it !

The main.pd is a very simple dual osc / dual lfo synth example with two pages of parameters and one page of preset save and recall for you to experiment with.

Have fun !

– enough for Organelle-only usage
– simple to use (i think)
– light
– can make an awful lot of Organelle patches much better !
– make your mind about which parameters you want to save
– no sudden value jump, no value crossfeed between pages
– scale and offset your values according to use : who needs to display a 10^-6 precision always-changing number ? This is for your synth, not for the user !
– no need to patch your display messages twice as with most other page system attempts!
– once your pot value is overriden by a recall, its LOCKED. It won’t move until you want it to move.

CONS (by design)
– won’t work atm if you open two o-knob enabled patches, because you can’t isolate two different o-knob systems, though for recall only it should work well.
– can only save floats (ie no native preset names, though you could easily display one)
– saves pot position [0:1], not your carefully-crafted scaled and offset value.

Fun fact : It all started when i tried to understand what the hell the [override] abstraction was for.

I’m open to suggestion about modifications, though i really think it’s enough for my use and most Organelle patches.

If you ever need a crazy full-featured state-saving system, i highly recommend kollabs/ds : <a href="<a href="https://github.com/m—w/kollabs&quot&quot; rel=”nofollow”><a href="https://github.com/m—w/kollabs&quothttps://github.com/m—w/kollabs&quot</a&gt;; rel=”nofollow”><a href="<a href="https://github.com/m—w/kollabshttps://github.com/m—w/kollabs</a&gthttps://github.com/m—w/kollabshttps://github.com/m—w/kollabs</a&gt</a&gt;;

CHANGELOG for v2.1;
-better thresholding when reaching extreme values
-actually saves presets in the pd file (added [menusave<) :o)

-Added [threshold 0.001] to prevent pot noise
-Changed pick-up method from "we're close enough" to "we're past the old value", fast dialing is now possible
-Removed need for tolerance argument
-Moved existing documentation to example patch

-Due to the [threshold], it's sometimes (really rarely) hard to pick extreme values as 0.99707 in [0:0.99707]

-make it a state machine
-remove all user doc from browsing and presets
-make real help files
-make browsing and presets abstractions instead of subpatches
-install guide

2 comments on “O-knob !
  • shreeswifty on said:

    this is great, i was just about to start programming a new instrument with the pagination system and i have some helper code for an Organelle
    “edit mode” like if you hold down a few keys you can make selections using the playing keys for synth options.
    for example in the ARP Odyssey Patch

    Keyboard is playing notes
    hold down AUX+ 60 = Edit mode: keys make selections on synth
    release AUX=60 = Playing mode: keys play notes again

  • Bort Bort on said:

    think you may have just unlocked the door to many new patches baptiste! thank you.

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