Nymphes Controller & Patch Editor

This is a controller and patch editor for the Dreadbox Nymphes, a wonderful 6-voice analogue synth. I really wanted an iPad controller so I built this one and I use it every time I play the Nymphes.

Maybe other people might get some use from it so I’m putting it out there.

The aim with this tool was to get as close as possible to one knob per function, without losing the thoughtful design and layout ethos of the Nymphes itself.

I designed and built it on (and for) an iPad Pro (the large one) and it is completely usable on the normal sized iPads too. I have also tested it on the mini iPad, again it’s usable and functional, but that’s where some of the controls are getting to be too small to be comfortable. I have NOT tried it on an iPhone – it’s definitely too compact for this controller.

Latest version (0.7F): small bug fixes related to Mod Removal Button behaviours.

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  • jakub_kostynowicz on said:

    Great job! How preset section works? One question, how to change rotary controlers to react for up-down dragging not circular motion?

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