Note triggered step sequencer V2

A sequencer that can work together with Drambo’s sequencer, or totally independent from it.

Like on an oldschool analog sequencer, dial in your notes in semitones and launch the sequence anytime by playing (or sequencing) a note.
The sequence will be played transposed to whatever pitch you’re playing.

The lowest note (the bottom line on the sequencer) will be a silent note.

The gate length of the notes can be adjusted, as can the speed of the sequence. You can even mess with the curve in the “Speed” module to change how the sequence is played – a bit faster at the beginning, slower at its end – whatever you like, be playful with it.

For your convenience, you can restrict the notes to a certain scale by disabling unwanted notes in the Scale module.

You can also play chords of that sequence if you turn up polyphony in the MIDI To CV module.

Edit: Sorry the track has rather low volume, please increase the track volume on the very right.

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