Note Statistics v1.3

Samples number of occurencies of each of the 12 notes and sums up their duration in
1/32th note divisions according to the host tempo. The display updates every beat if
the host is running, otherwise each second.

The script optionally guesses the root note of the notes played and can output all detected notes at once to feed them into a scale detection plug-in.

========= PADS
…- Active notes are colored light blue
…- Used notes are colored orange
…- The root note is colored purple

…- The upper number is count of note-on’s
…- The lower numbers shows bars and 1/32 sub divisions the note was active

…- A NOTE pad to manually select/deselect a root note
…- The RESET pad to clears all statistics and root info
…- The LOG pad to print active notes to the log. One second after the last active note ended, the pad is changed into the PLAY pad
…- The PLAY pad to output all detected notes plus suspected root note (one octave lower) to be fed to a midi scale detection plugin.

========= KNOBS
* The ROOT knob toggles root guessing. The script assumes that the note with the
longest duration is a good candidate for a root note.
* The HELP knob toggles to this description

========= OTHER INFO
* No input midi is forwarded, the script only listens to the input.
* This script is an example for the ‘Active Notes Tracker (Include)’ snippet
that maintains a list of active notes and their durations for all channels
with fast retrieval and update.

One comments on “Note Statistics v1.3
  • -ki on said:

    Update to v1.3
    – Added bulk output of detected notes (pad shows up 1 sec after the last note ended)
    – Added optinal simple root note guessing (longest duration)
    – Added manual root selection

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