Note Off (Release) Velocity Patch

“OK here’s the shape of it

The first task could be done like this

Use Dispatcher to split notes off to say max 8 channels.

Use a Note On → CC Transform to store the Velocity for each note. End the line with say Virtual A-OUT

in next line (Virtual A-IN) you have 8 Note Off → Note Off Transforms responding to Ch1, 2, …, 8 respectively. Here the Velocity is set to Argument 1, and the value for Argument 1 is mapped to the CC from the line above.

Now we need to send these out on the correct channel so the next line uses 2 Note On & Off → NoteOn & Off Transforms where…

the velocity range of the first is say 0-64 Inside Range creates a Ch1 note…

…and the 2nd is Outside Range creating a Ch2 note

SOoooo, each note comes in & is given a different channel
this is to help distinguish between them.

Let’s consider the 3rd note played:

after Dispatcher it’s on Ch3 and it creates a Ch3 CC which holds its velocity (say 67)

this CC then sets the value for the 3rd Note Off Transform (which is mapped to the Ch3 CC)

So when the Ch3 Note Off comes in at velocity = 0, this Transform sets it to 67

Then on the way out, both Note On & Off are picked up and the relevant Transform sets the Channel to 2 as they are in the Loud category!” Resonotter

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