Note Length Mugger

This plugin can alter the length of MIDI notes passed through it in many ways. Non-note MIDI is passed through unaltered.

Set a range of note lengths using the first two knobs and the multipliers below them. These are the minimum and maximum note lengths.

DIV: is the granularity of the change in lengths between them.

The fourth knob sets the mode:
FIXED: Length is always equal to the first length.
STEP: Lengths increase by Div. increments then reset.
UP/DOWN: Lengths go up and down by Div. increments.
ALTERNATE: Note lengths alternate between the smaller and larger length knobs
RANDOM: Note lengths change by random Div. between the two lengths.

PROB: Probability of note length being changed vs. as-played.

SHIFT toggles the help screen.

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  • Kewe on said:

    Thanks Wim, lifesaver… this script works a treat.

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